Wednesday, July 01, 2009


How does one mend a broken heart? They say love can heal a broken heart and stop the soul from crying.
Now if this love is so powerful, it seems that way to me,
wouldn't it be a great commodity.

If this love which people speak of
turns a fool into a wise man,
a weeping woman into a lover
then shouldn't someone bottle it up and sell it by the liter.

Yes ladies and gentlemen gather around gather around. No more long faces, no more lonely nights! See this right here what i hold in my hands why this is the things in which dreams are made of. That man you want doesnt think your pretty, that woman you desire has another man well now here is your answer... See this liquid in this beautiful glass bottle
Of course you cant its invisible! but trust me
Ladies and gentlemen when i tell you
All your dreams and wishes of a true love will come true when you drink this stuff right here
All your crying and heart ache will cease to exist.

Act now and get the first sample for only $9.99!

- lola besott

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