Sunday, July 05, 2009


I know this boy
who likes to play with me
but never stays with me

This boy he likes to sleep with me
begs to be with me

He doesn't tell anyone
what he has
it's just something he likes to give

He closes the door
over and over again
sometimes it's me and sometimes it's him

He's to afraid to admit defeat
to a life he thought he wanted


when i leave
He gets down on his knees
puts his face to the floor
and starts to pray
for an absolution that will never come

I know a girl
who likes to walk along the edge
says she waiting for her big break
says she's the best they've ever seen

and in the back
she shoots up to numb the pain
of a world she hates

she hides it well
for no one see's the decay in her eyes
nor the scars on her arms

Sometimes she sleeps at the house on the corner
or in an alley behind a church
selling herself to a man
who says he can get her to heaven

All she wants is an end
She hopes all the drugs, cuts, & the man
will someday do the job

she closes her eyes and prays for an absolution that will never come.

-lola besott

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