Sunday, July 19, 2009

amor de calaveras

in life we are granted a few simple pleasures
and the best ones are never easy to attain
they come in various forms
the most elusive of them all is
each other

we hold on by the tips of our fingers
to our lovers, companions, compadres, mothers,
fathers, brothers at arms...
it is a difficult task to endure
but it is one we take on without any hesitation
there is pleasure from the pain that comes
from loving each other
and a pain that comes from holding on too tightly

in dreams we are frightened by the reality we refuse to accept
if it is so difficult to hold on to the smallest of loves in life
how or what do we hold on to when their life ends

there is an obsession we have with
calaveras, esqueletos, y cosas de muertos
hay una obsesiĆ³n que tenemos con
skulls, skeletons, and things to do with death

we dig into their flesh
til our nails fall off
til theres no more blood to be bled
til our fingerprints become freckles
on their skin

it is a love of death in life
and a life of love in death
our obsession becomes a comfort
and a small way to pay homage
to love lost
in life or death

its un amor de calaveras
a love of skulls

-lola besott

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