Sunday, July 05, 2009


write a song about me
tell of a story that has
no ending
no beginning
write me a song
ill write you a novel
of a boy who was loved by a girl
but he couldnt see what was there
ill tell you how she suffered
how she cried
and bled
all for him
and how he'll never know
Write me a song and ill write you a poem
about a woman who forgot about the boy
who one day became a man
and how that man forgot about the girl
but thought of the woman
how years passed and both
without either knowing
thought about each other
and what could have happened
if things were different
If maybe in another world
there was another you _ another me
but it doesnt matter for this is not of us
Write me a song and in return ill sing you a song
about how one day this girl met a boy
and thought life would never be the same
and how he was right
and maybe at the end of the song
we'll finally realize
that girl was me
and that boy was you

-lola besott

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