Sunday, July 05, 2009

dead heart beats

there's always a million and one thoughts
running at high speed
trying to form itself
into words
that you'd understand

I try and imagine
your facial expressions
as I tell you
what i tell you
but my dreams
won't satisfy
my hunger
for that perfect
happy ending

not an ending
but the beginning to the beginning
the prologue

Sit and patiently wait
to hear it
I already know
how it ends

I skipped to the back
where i saw

that in your hands
lay a poor thing
and you could faintly hear its

dead heart beat

although theres so much to say
it's all been said before
it's all been felt before
but truth be told
for you
someone else says it better
someone else feels it better
and it's
not me
not me
all I have to give are
dead heart beats

the lost echoes of our once
promised love

-lola besott

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