Saturday, July 25, 2009

Biscayne and 86th

There's a little spanish super market
On Biscayne and 86th
and on any given morning
you would find a little girl holding her daddy's hand
watching mommy pick out vegetables

A few streets away from
Biscayne and 86th
In a little apartment
what now is a vacant lot
They lived
And at night
She sat on the floor of their room
Singing along to Queen

Ridiculousy hopeful
Abnoxiously happy
Ignorantly bissfull

She knew
Deep down inside, as some people
Just Know
She was meant for tragedies
Her tears would burn for sorrow
Her eyes would hold such stories
that are never to be retold

She knew
I knew
These lives were meant for tragedies

she later learned an important lesson
that its best to live passionately
to feel whole heartedly
and to fall tragically in love
than not at all

But on Biscayne and 86th
She's still that little girl in the super market
and on her parents floor
she sings along to Queen

-lola besott

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