Tuesday, June 30, 2009


there are instances in ones life
where certain events and people make us
truly happy
we experience pure ecstasy
with just the simplest gesture
a glance, a slight brush of the skin, a kind word
our souls glide on this innocent wave of joy
and although it may not last forever
in these small frames of life
we are happy
each instance and each person leaves a mark
some with an expiration date
and yet others so embedded they become freckles
the hearts' fingerprints...


there are fingerprints
on my skin
in no set pattern
these small constellations
trickle down my shoulder
and are lightly sprinkled on my thighs
like small clusters of confetti
different shades and shapes imprinted deep
within my skin
but there's this one
this short lived tryst
this one fingerprint
i can't seem to stop looking at
and wonder
when did this little fingerprint
made by your heart
turn into a freckle
that wont seem to fade

- lola besott