Monday, January 31, 2011


kowareta  gebreek thyer 
sınıq Pòsuì zlomený 
basag brisées gebrochen 
σπασμένα törött rusak
briste rotto buseojin
fracta quebrado slomannoĭ 
slomljen zlamanoyu ...broken


Saturday, January 29, 2011


how many times can you overkill your senses before you feel nothing at all
how much of yourself can you give before you feel disconnected from your humanity
i'm forcing myself to finish these thoughts
forcing myself to feel something everyday
swinging away on a pendulum of emotions
sitting stranded in the coal mine
singing like the canary
grasping on to the little bit of hope
that i'm scooped up and led out
but its not your hands that i wait for
there's no prince charming
no champion on a white horse
the savior i wait for
is the girl i see in the mirror
i'm waiting for her to forgive herself for the damaged she's cause
for the mistakes she's made
for her to accept that
she's is perfect at being imperfect
that her eccentricities are a marvel not a blunder
everything can't be fixed
people lie
people change without explanations
or really
people never change you just see
you see without clouded eyes
all the holes you couldn't
see before
pain will wash over like rain
so i'll sing
in hopes that this sweet analgesic
will save us from the insanity in this swinging coal mine

- L.